Creative Industries

For the artist in all of us.

Simply Business provides large format storage, edit suites and backup with high-speed infrastructure. As seasoned IT specialists, we have a strong knowledge of the technological sphere, and we understand the intricacies of the digital production environment. We can assist with the design, installation and setup that will provide the best possible workflow for your needs.



Drawing Tools
Sound Equipment
Storage and Backup
Design Software

Drawing Tools


Wacom’s line of digital production tools enable users to work more efficiently and creatively towards their objectives. This versatile platform is perfect for any discipline of creative work, whether it’s fashion, graphics or production design. Wacom’s pressure-sensitive pen displays and tablets will help you get the job done beautifully, and is thoroughly multipurpose. Draw digital sketches or 3D animation, design products or clothing, edit photographs with professionalism, annotate and collaborate images or text, or use Wacom for teaching students of all ages.

Pen Displays  
  • Choose your creative pen display based on screen sizes, display footprint and portability, completely dependant on how you want to work. You’ll enjoy the experience of working directly on screen with the pressure-sensitive pen on all models.
Pen Tablets  
  • Intuos is perfect for drawing, sketching and photography. The choices in Intuos Pro deliver the pressure-sensitivity, pen performance and productivity features most sought out by serious creative.
  • Enjoy the natural feel of a pen in your hand as you digitally draw, sketch, take notes, capture ideas and more in high comfort and with precise control while you are keeping your screen smudge-free.

Talk to a Simply specialist about more information on available products, and how to customize an IT setup that’s right for you.

Sound Equipment


Mackie is a professional music and recording equipment company under the Loud Technologies Inc family of signature audio solutions. Mackie products are leaders in sound technology and they focus on innovative design paired with robust durable quality.

  • digital and analog mixers
  • self-powered and non-powered loudspeakers
  • reference monitors and signal control for studio monitoring
  • compact mixers and digital recording
  • amplifiers/processors
  • more!

Talk to a Simply specialist about more information on available products, and how to customize an IT setup that’s right for you.

Storage and Backup

Promise Tech

There are many unique challenges associated with Creative Industry work, and Promise Tech strives for innovative solutions. As well as citing the changing performance and capacity demands of the industry, they are aware that individuals who work with film, media, and other art forms must increasingly make short deadlines, produce high resolution content, maintain substantial and adequate backup/archival options, as well as maintain a high level of speedy access and portability. Promise Tech offers many effective product solutions for an ever changing and growing industry.

High capacity storage
  • VTrak A-Class and Pegasus 2 solutions are perfect for backing up large amounts of content, and each solution can be daisy-chained for extra storage up to six times.
Efficient work
  • cut work load up to 60% with VTrak A-Class for multi-use simultaneous editing. Pegasus2 Thunderbolt2 offloads 4K of footage at unparalleled speeds of 1300 MB/s.
High bandwidth
Tiered storage
  • VTrak A-Class and VTrak x20 RAID storage subsystems.
Portable solutions
  • M4 HDD/SSD is a small device that can fit in your hand



G-Tech is a premium digital storage company that focuses on providing solutions for audio and video production, including photography and other professional content creation. With G-Tech you can store, transfer, distribute and edit simply and efficiently, whether you are using a portable drive, desktop drive or one of their many RAID solutions. Simply Business carries only the most trustworthy products, and G-Tech maintains a high standard of quality, with many industry leaders using their products as proof.

Photography, Video, Audio 
  • external hard drives keep digital files safe
  • bus power, high capacity, Thunderbolt speed, RAID redundancy
  • high reliability and style
  • internal cooling
  • USB and FireWire bus powered
  • speedy transfer rates
  • cross platform – good for Mac or PC



LaCie believes in durable and beautiful products. By pairing award winning designers with their in-house engineers, LaCie creates products that are as progressive as they are designed for aesthetic appeal and security. In the last decade, they have been at the forefront of innovation having marketed the first USB/FireWire board and USB bus-powered hard drive, among others.  LaCie understands their customers, and they aim for unparalleled safety and security for all of your data.

Featured Products  
  • wireless
    • LaCie FUEL
  • mobile
    • LaCIE Mirror; Rugged RAID; Porsche Design Mobile Drive
  • desktop
    • d2 Thunderbolt™ 2; Christofle Sphere; Blade Runner
  • network
    • CloudBox; d2 Network 2; 5big Spare Drive
USB Keys 
  • power supplies
  • rugged sleeves
  • LaCie Media App
  • Genie Backup for Windows
  • Intego Backup for Mac OS X

Talk to a Simply specialist about more information on available products, and how to customize an IT setup that’s right for you.

Design Software

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe offers many different solutions for creating unique marketing material, editing photography, laying out publications and any of your other digital production needs:

  • InDesign – desktop publishing, great for newspapers and books
  • Photoshop – graphics editor, perfect for modifying previously created images and photos
  • Illustrator – graphics editor, perfect for original image and logo creation

As well as a variety of programs for SEO and marketing:

  • Document Cloud – redesigned Acrobat fitted for e-signatures
  • Stock – high quality images for InDesign
  • Digital Publishing – create apps without coding
  • Marketing Cloud – web analytics for your business

Talk to a Simply specialist about more information on available products, and how to customize an IT setup that’s right for you.