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Simply Business provides robust and secure Healthcare solutions to ensure that your environment is a safe and effective place for your patients and customers. We provide HIPPA compliant solutions and ensure that all the confidential information housed in your network is safe and secure. Our expert team will design, install, setup, test and provide training customized to your specific requirements. We provide cross platform solutions for all major operating systems and devices.


Clinical Software
Point of Sale
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The Sonos System combines durable wireless connection with unparalleled HiFi sound to bring you a revolutionary speaker, perfect for one room or an entire healthcare facility. The intuitive system is a simple set up – all you need is one speaker to start and you can expand and pair products the way you want to. Likewise, you have access to all the music in the world from the Sonos app, which is readily accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Sonos allows the listener to simply choose which rooms receive what sound, so you have the flexibility to play classical in your office or sync a favourite party playlist throughout the house. The superior level of quality that Sonos provides means that the sound you’re receiving is always robust, versatile and high performing.

Accessory features
  • Sub – wireless, zero vibration, detailed sound 
  • Bridge – connects with your router to create a wireless network for your Sonos speakers, perfect for large locations 
  • Boost – streamlined wireless reliability and neutralized from other tech interference, even in locations with the spotty Wifi
  • Playbar – a sound bar that wirelessly streams all music, perfectly matched with your HD TV
  • Connect  – connects to your wired speakers and existing audio system to create the same HiFi wireless experience that you can expect with Sonos

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Clinical Software


MacPractice is a management and clinical software system for Apple products. The software is suited for just about any clinical practice, including physicians, chiropractors, optometrists and dentists. Much like a retail or service industry POS system, MacPractice simplifies everyday tasks for health care facilities through means of administration, billing, medical records, security and more.

MacPractice is all about efficiency, with the objective of making health care administration do its own work, so that more time is spent putting both patients and employees first. With MacPractice there are dozens of options for customization, tracking data, paperwork and administration as well as record and health accessibility.

  • flexible scheduling and customizable appointment display
  • check in and out with Clipboard, saving large amounts of unnecessary paper
  • coordinate tasks between users
  • create Reminders or clinical Orders
  • make online requests from the Patient Health Information Portal
  • track retail merchandise, supplies, consumption history, data use and more
  • Time Clock function allows for easy employee signing in and out, for breaks, and creates attendance records
  • Multiple Fee Scheduling for insurance, participation or co-payment methods
  • setup automatic billing through the Contract Billing system
Medical Records
  • simple interface conducive to a clearly laid out, single view display for clinical data
  • view, print and export Continuity of Care Records and Documents to the Patient Portal for online viewing
  • electronic prescribing with ePrescribe by NewCrop™
  • Imaging supports integrated devices and enables direct import functionality
  • settings designed to put the user in control of confidential data, protect sensitive patient information and maintain HIPAA compliancy
  • security alerts
  • automatic locking HIPAA function and much more

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Point of Sale

Moneris Solutions

Moneris Solutions is an integrated POS solution directed towards fitness studios, salons, spas and other health care facilities. Moneris assists you with all your administration and management needs, such as class scheduling, in store retail payments and analysis, and marketing.

Three aspects of Moneris
Payment Terminals 
  • short and long range wireless connection
  • PIN and POS pads
  • quick serve solutions and more
E-Commerce Solutions 
  • necessary utilities for safe and efficient e-commerce through security, fraud and risk tools
  • shopping cart integration
  •  e-business management tools
Business Management Tools
  • gift card integration
  • loyalty programs
  • Moneris AIR MILES Reward Miles program
  • Morris Retail Management Solution
  • Sage Accounting, ERP and more

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Voxter is a hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBE) that deploys powerful telephone system features to the Cloud as it updates, upgrades, monitors and maintains communication systems for you. Features include mobile and remote workers, a flexible Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, unified communication for your health practice or hospital, as well as instant messaging and call control.

Voxter PBX is advanced in its field, because it runs on a co-managed system. That means the customer always has full access to their web browser, phones and tablets all while managing and configuring the system they want. Voxter has a guaranteed call quality, and they produce graphs and scores based on once per millisecond measurements to assure voice quality and system protection, before issues can be noticed.

Fully Supported
  • fully managed
  • upgrades included
  • nationwide dedicated network
  • 24×7 Helpdesk Support
  • per-seat billing
  • bundled packages
  • all-inclusive usage
  • leasing options
Clean Interface
  • web management
  • mobile clients
  • end-user control panel
  • desktop/CRM
  • simple and cross platform

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Power Supplies


Tripplite products perfectly compliment any subset of healthcare, from examination rooms to pharmacies, and ambulances to data centres. As a clinic, hospital, nursing home or doctor’s office, there are many unique requirements for your facility. You need support for medical and non-medical equipment, a safe environment for your patients and staff members, as well as industrial grade technology in order to ensure the highest quality of care.

Product examples
  • Medical-grade and full isolation UPS for nurse stations, diagnostics, reception, and more
  • Surge protectors for forensics, admissions, utility rooms and guard stations
  • EMS inverters/chargers with hospital-grade GFCI outlets for ambulances and other EM vehicles
  • wall mount rack enclosures for digital signage, security and operations, waiting rooms, and pharmacies.
  • isolation transformers and mobile power kits with hospital-grade outlets for examination and emergency rooms

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