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Hat stores, juice bars, and everything in between.

Simply Business offers All-in-One solutions that work for all of your needs no matter the size of your business. Our solutions include Point of Sale, Security Cameras, Digital Displays, Sound Systems, Hardware, Software, Server, Storage and Backup. We also provide Managed Services to insure that your day-to-day operations are not impacted by unnecessary down time.


Point of Sale
POS Stands

Point of Sale


As a business owner, you understand how mundane everyday tasks can take away valuable time from your business. You also know what it’s like to work under pressure, and managing a constantly moving business can become stressful. Our Point of Sale systems simplify daily routines such as ordering, menu development and transaction tracking. Simply Business is a certified specialist, and we provide you with our free consultations, expert installation, training and support, which means that you can spend more time focusing on what you do best.

Hospitality Point of Sale is designed to accommodate just about any restaurant or quick serve business, from food trucks and franchises, to coffee shops and night clubs. It deploys easy to learn, safe and secure, fully accessible technology to increase front and back of house efficiency, and bring in higher sales. Because everyday tasks shouldn’t be difficult, and neither should your POS system.

Benefits of using Point of Sale systems
  • Easy to Learn – simple, intuitive interface
  • Affordable – free updates and new features
  • Mobile and Wireless – increased efficiency brings higher sales
  • No Contracts – cancel any time
  • Data stored in the Cloud – log in anywhere and see how your sales are doing!
Front End 

Using Point of Sale, your restaurant staff can clock in, place orders, perform customer checkouts at the table, email receipts and more. The sleek and intuitive interface is easy to learn and increases efficiency. Wireless communication throughout the restaurant eliminates the need to run tickets to the kitchen, which allows for more server time at the table – which leads to higher sales.

  • easy-split checks access
  • employee timecards
  • multi-printer order routing
  • customer database
  • inventory management
  • customizable service types
  • integrated PCI compliant gateways and devices
  • Kitchen Display System™
Back End  

Whether on location or on vacation, you can check on sales, orders, and inventory, and make changes to your menu, all in real-time. Make updates to your Point of Sale using your computer, iPad, and your smartphone. Using a web portal, you can change the layout of your restaurant, change the menu and perform other administrative functions online. Any changes you make through the portal are reflected within the Point of Sale client App. This type of control insures your restaurant is more efficient, flexible and independent.

  • dedicated Simply support
  • remote backend office (Windows or Mac)
  • standardized, exportable reports


Retail Point of Sale can be Cloud or locally based, payment friendly, and works with the most popular retail hardware. You can make sales from any web browser, process them quickly, and provide superior customer support without ever leaving their side. Retail Point of Sale is smart, intuitive and increases revenue for your business.

With expert support from our IT service team, Point of Sale can be an intuitive and simple system with all the right features to help you make that sale.

  • pre loaded items
  • break down boxes of items
  • sort and search items
  • track serialized items
  • matrices of item variants
  • efficiently print labels
  • combine items to sell together
  • prepare purchase orders
  • place special orders and track purchase orders
  • centralize purchasing
  • reorder items before they sell out
  • unit costs, profits, and margins
  • shopping insights
  • employee performance
  • advanced reporting (real time stats)
  • end of day summary
  • centralized inventory
  • portable and temporary locations
  • easily add new locations
  • transfer between stores
  • pricing

Talk to a Simply specialist about more information on available products, and how to customize an IT setup that’s right for you.



The Sonos System combines durable wireless connection with unparalleled HiFi sound to bring you a revolutionary speaker, perfect for one room or an entire restaurant and store. The intuitive system is a simple set up – all you need is one speaker to start and you can expand and pair products the way you want to. Likewise, you have access to all the music in the world from the Sonos app, which is readily accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Sonos allows the listener to simply choose which rooms receive what sound, so you can play classical in your office or sync your favourite party playlist throughout the house, it’s entirely up to you. The superior level of quality that Sonos provides means that the sound you’re receiving is always robust, versatile and high performing.

Accessory features
  • Sub – wireless, zero vibration, detailed sound
  • Bridge – connects with your router to create a wireless network for your Sonos speakers, perfect for large locations
  • Boost – streamlined wireless reliability and neutralized from other tech interference, even in locations with the spotty Wifi
  • Playbar – a sound bar that wirelessly streams all music, perfectly matched with your HD TV
  • Connect – connects to your wired speakers and existing audio system to create the same HiFi wireless experience that you can expect with Sonos

Talk to a Simply specialist about more information on available products, and how to customize an IT setup that’s right for you.

POS Stands

Heckler Design

Simply is pleased to offer sleek, space saving equipment to house your company’s POS systems. Designed and manufactured locally, each Heckler product is made with durability and functionality in mind. Heckler is also compatible with most tablets and monitors, so you can be assured that no matter the setup, there is always a customizable solution.

Heckler offers tablet and POS stands for chip and swipe reading, as well as socket scanners, cash drawers, and mountable or swerving frames for monitors.

Talk to a Simply specialist about more information on available products, and how to customize an IT setup that’s right for you.



Voxter is a hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) that deploys powerful telephone system features to the Cloud as it updates, upgrades, monitors and maintains communication systems for you. Features include mobile and remote workers, a flexible Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, unified communication for your restaurant or retail store, as well as instant messaging and call control.

Voxter PBX is advanced in its field, because it runs on a co-managed system. That means clients always has full access to their web browsers, phones and tablets all while managing and configuring the system they want. Voxter has a guaranteed call quality, and they produce graphs and scores based on once per millisecond measurements to assure voice quality and system protection, before issues can be noticed.

Fully Supported
  • fully managed
  • upgrades included
  • nationwide dedicated network
  • 24×7 Helpdesk Support
  • per-seat billing
  • bundled packages
  • all-inclusive usage
  • leasing options
Clean Interface
  • web management
  • mobile clients
  • end-user control panel
  • desktop/CRM
  • simple and cross platform

Talk to a Simply specialist about more information on available products, and how to customize an IT setup that’s right for you.